Compare Polkadot and Ethereum


If you bring these two platforms to the balance, what will happen, together with TradaFX summarize some of the most important features below:

1/ Polkadot coin (DOT)

– In the process of construction and completion, so we do not know what the future will be

– Control assets on multiple single chains, forming a complex

– Can connect any smart contract or blockchain together

– Low transaction costs

– Upgrade without doing a Hard Fork

– Polkadot uses on-chain governance with a multi-channel system.

Compare Polkadot and Ethereum 1

2/Ethereum (ETH)

– Pioneering in smart contract technology, which has been operating stably for many years

– Assets can only be controlled on a single chain (single chain)

– Can only be traded with smart contracts that are run on the platform of Ethereum

– High transaction costs

– Upgrades must be done with a Hard Fork


– Ethereum 2.0 governance remains unresolved

Compare Polkadot and Ethereum 2

3/ Information about Polka Dot Coin

  • Token Name: Polkadot
  • Ticker: DOT
  • Blockchain: Polkadot
  • Contract: 0xa2c49cee16a5e5bdefde931107dc1fae9f7773e3 
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: 1.103.303.471 DOT

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4/ DOT Coin Allocation

  • The Polkadot project DOT Coin is distributed as follows: 
  • Polkadot Auction: 50%
  • Web3 Foundation: 30%
  • Further Pre-Launch Distributions: 20%

5/ Purpose of use and how to own DOT Coin

DOT is used with 4 main functions as follows:

  • Governance: participate in project management and transaction development
  • Staking: help create consensus mechanism
  • Rewards: rewards for contributions and efforts to the project
  • Bondings: a proof-of-stake (PoS) method to be able to link DOTs and create new Parachains. 
  • So how can investors own DOT Coin?

There are 2 basic ways for you to own this Coin, which are: 

Option 1: Buy directly on brokers that have listed this coin, typically Binance, Houbi, Kucoin, PancakeSwap, FTX, Gate.io, etc.

Method 2: Participate in the development of Polkadot network by Staking and will receive the reward of DOT coins. 

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