Should I invest in Polkadot coin (DOT) or not?


1. What is Polkadot coin?

Polkadot is considered as one of the blockchains capable of competing with the cryptocurrency ecosystem such as Ethereum (ETH), Cosmos (ATOM) and EOSIO (EOS). Polkadot was born later than other cryptocurrencies (2020), so it will have more advanced technical features. Its goal is to overcome the disadvantages of previous cryptocurrencies.

Should I invest in Polkadot coin (DOT) or not? 2

2. Should I invest in Polkadot coin (DOT) or not?

DOT coin is currently being evaluated as one of the fastest growing altcoins with the most potential for future growth, for the following main reasons:

Investor sentiment on the future of DOT coin is quite positive: Fortunately, DOT has a very strong community, and they believe in the future of DOT. A coin that receives the support of a large number of people from the community will be a great springboard for it to develop in the long term.

DOT coin is undervalued: With the breakthrough technologies that Polkadot brings, while the current trading price is at $ 0.0000009 , it is possible that DOT is very cheap. And this also makes many investors believe that buying DOT at this price range is extremely appropriate.

Polkadot owns sustainable technology: There is concern that a possible ETH 2.0 upgrade will render most of the “Ethereum Killer” blockchains useless. But this is not the case with Polkadot as it offers more than scalability. It is cementing its position as the blockchain for other blockchains by providing a link through which all blockchains can share data. This means Polkadot will still be scalable with ETH 2.0, and that's why DOT is becoming a pretty good coin right now.

Even so, Polkadot coin (DOT) cannot avoid some major challenges as it is facing stiff competition with many other platform coins . However, you can fully expect DOT, because these will be the factors that can drive the price of DOT up in the future:

Adoption of other blockchains : Polkadot wants to be the blockchain for other blockchains. As more and more blockchains start using Polkadot service, the price of DOT coin will continue to increase.

More explosive technologies : Platform coins are always competing in terms of technology. Currently, Polkadot's technology is quite good, but if in the future it has more upgrades and updates to not only make interaction easier but also improve efficiency, then surely the price of DOT will be appreciated. price is higher than the current one. Polkadot Scan

3. What coins does the Polkadot ecosystem include?

There are more than 100 coins created from the Polkadot ecosystem. The most prominent ones can be mentioned as tokens: DOT, LINK, KSM, COMP, ZRX, ANKR, REN, ONT, MOVR, TRAC, CELR, OCEAN, REEF, EWT, etc. You can see a list of all coins belongs to Polkadot ecosystem on coinmarketcap

Cryptocurrency Market Recovery : The rise in the price of the Polkadot token – like all cryptocurrencies – will to the greatest extent be affected by prevailing market conditions. In this case, if the cryptocurrency market recovers, Polkadot girls will surely increase as well.

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